(Carbon fiber conductive grid in fabric)

Blocks your electrical energy field so game won’t sense you!


Denise Christian

This is my 10 year old Grandson, Cameron, who has been hunting ALL season without any luck. The last day of the season, I let him wear my HECS and he was successful as the picture shows. We cannot wait to try them turkey hunting this Spring!


Johnny Costello



Bill Epeards


Kirk Naber

I got my first buck with my bow and HECS let me get the advantage you speak about. This buck came in and I shot him at 47 yards. It was amazing that he didn't know I was even there. Thanks so much and thanks to HECS!

Craig Chadwick

Hi, my name is Craig Chadwick and I would like to just say thanks. The HECS suit has made such a big difference in my bow hunting. I am just an average hunter, but since I purchased your suit I have walked up on so many does this year it's unreal. Tonight I was in a hurry to get to a new spot where I have seen a nice buck. It was 2pm and I was walking at a fast pace. I was about 20 yards into the woods and walked right on 3 big does. The one doe jumped and turned around and looked at me. All three does weren't more than 10 yards from me. I slowly raised my bow, pulled an arrow from my quiver, nocked it and drew on one. But, I decided not to shoot, because it was my first night in this area. I let off, and put my arrow away. The whole time they just stood there, then I walked slowly away from them to my stand and they slowly walked the other way a short distance and went back to eating. I was amazed. I didn't see that buck tonight, but did see 8 different deer within 15 yards of my stand. This isn't the first encounter I have had this year in Ohio since I purchased my suit, certainly is the most amazing one. Thanks again. How long is this suit good for? I surely want another one before this one wears out. Thanks again and I will send pictures when I do harvest a big doe and my buck, if you want me to.


Greg Bokash



David Gohlke


testimonial-raised testimonial-raised

David Holder

Winterset IA


We never hunt without HECS!

As bowhunters we know it's about getting close, but more importantly, it's about getting to full draw. That moment when the animal is at point blank range, and we must move in order to draw our bow. HECS helps us come to full draw undetected, and get shots we never thought possible.

We never hunt without HECS, and you shouldn't either.


Phil Phillips

TV Hunter

As you can tell by looking at the HECS Stealthscreen website, there is a ton of science behind this product’s ability to work in the woods, but for me the real science is when mature big-game animals walk right up to me and never know I’m there. A great case in point was last September when my wife, Karen Mehall Phillips, and I were wearing HECS on an archery elk hunt in western Colorado. We ended up having to set up with the video camera in an open area with oakbrush a few yards behind us and wide, open ground straight ahead for 30 yards. We both killed bulls from that spot that scored well over 300 inches, and neither bull ever had a clue we were there. And for those who wonder about putting on an extra layer, HECS clothing is so thin, light and breathable that you can even wear it comfortably during the archery season’s typically warm weather conditions.

Mike Reed


This past September I was hunting elk in Colorado. Unfortunately, I only saw a couple elk and they were not in bow range. But I did have 8+ encounters with Mule deer while hunting. Most of them were mule deer walking around at less than 5 yards trying to figure out what I was, not scared or jumpy, just curious. But I had a doe and 2 fawns walk up to me, and I am not lying, but they started licking the fletching on my arrows!!! They did that for over a minute, then I started getting nervous and moved my bow. They jumped back, and looked at me, then came back in too lick my arrows again (no I didn’t put anything on them!!). I moved my bow again, when they jumped back I started walking backwards. They stood there and watched me until I was out of sight. I have never seen anything like it or heard anyone else have a similar experience. I completely believe in the HECS suit… You still have to contain scent and be quiet, but all the animals came in complete unalarmed! Awesome product.


Jeff Dobbins

Mountain View, Arkansas


Frank Schneider


To many times in my hunting career I have been busted for no apparent reason. The first time I used HECS I put a nice mature 11pt buck down and his behavior prior to the shot was very different than the normal alert. It was like he felt no danger and didn't know I was there. I look forward to many more seasons of success stories.


Jeremy Whitehead

Game Face Archery

Every time I grab my bow and head into the woods I have an edge over most hunters. With my HECS suit I approach my quarry with more confidence then ever. I have stalked on game with increasing success every time I put on my HECS suit.


Dr. Dave Samuel

West Virginia University

Professor Emeritus, Wildlife Management

Bottom line, our energy is given off to animals. They respond to it, but HECS garments can control this sixth sense.


Casey Brooks

La Center, Washington

I wear HECS as a undergarment as it is lightweight and breathable. You don’t even realize you are wearing it until you notice the difference in the animals behavior. HECS has contributed to my bowhunting success.


Jason Cleveland

St. Louis, Missouri

After a two and a half hour stalk on this buck and his three little friends, I was able to get an arrow in him at 20 yards. Using HECS definitely allowed me to get close enough to a bachelor group of 4 bucks and shoot this Utah Mule deer.


John Howard

Martinez, California

Just put a HECS suit on and get outdoors. You to will be rewarded with success like I have. Thank you HECS for giving me the advantage on completing my goals with consistent success season after season!


Matthew Liljenquist

Glendale, Arizona

SCI World Record Mule Deer

HECS gives me that extra advantage.


Steve Alleman

Katy, Texas

Without HECS there was no way I would have harvested the official #3 archery bird in Texas. Thanks HECS!


Dave Duncan

Fort Worth, Texas

HECS works! All season I have had deer ALL around me.They have come from every direction, up wind, cross wind and down wind and I have yet to be busted. I drew my bow with this buck within 20 yards of me with other deer even closer... you can see the proof of the product's effectiveness.


Anthony Del DelMastro

Oxford, CT

The HECS suit worked like a charm I had this buck and two others at 3 yards under my stand, they never picked up on my heart pounding out of my chest.


Michael Batease

Boise Idaho

Wearing the HECS suit has added to my success in the field for sure. I have noticed the animals are a lot more calm and I am getting away with more movement then I ever did before being introduced to HECS. I won't step out in the field without it.


Simon Bullivant

New Zealand

Pro Bowhunter

HECS strikes again, this should be the Biggest free range Red stag taken for the New Zealand Bowhunters Society this year. The first full year of me wearing in HECS is the Greatest Year any bowhunter on record in New Zealand has ever had it will be an impressive round up after our prizing at the Nationals.


Don Adams

Adams County Ohio

I killed the buck in Adams County Ohio where I reside. He was 30 yards down wind. I have hunted a little on the ground and had deer in my lap that seemed curious but not spooked. Feel free to use the picture if it helps you.


Jeff Dobbins

Mountain View, Arkansas

The secret to being a successful bow hunter is getting close. If you are serious about getting close to big game animals, put HECS to the test. Once you do, you will never hunt without it.


Grant Foster

Salt Lake City, UT

HECS gives me confidence to know I can move in close to game animals without being busted by the dreaded “sixth sense” of the animals I am stalking. Given the fantastic results I have enjoyed since I have started using HECS, I now make it part of my everyday setup when I head out into the field with my bow.


Lee Koss

Algonac, Michigan

I purchased 3 HECS suits for our annual out west hunt, I gave one to my son and the other to the land owner/outfitter. I was skeptical about them and was on the end of a lot of jokes in camp about the “Hippie Vibe” suits. This was my 15th year hunting the area, I could not believe how the animals discounted our presence with HECS. Two of our three mule deer stalks were successful, and we backed out of the one because of changing winds. Dan’s (my son) deer is green scoring over 210 and is 36” wide. This should be the North Dakota state record. My deer is 170+. By the way, the hunters making fun of the HECS suits, did not get a deer. Great product that I will now always hunt with.


Burton Moore

Charleston, SC

I have to admit that my first hunt with my HECS suit was simply amazing. I had left my decoy set up for a little while and when I returned to the pasture I was hunting I was promptly busted by a nice gobbler on the way to my decoys. I simply got down slowly on the ground and to my disbelief the old tom resumed his stalk. I crawled about 60 yards across open pasture, raised up slowly to my knees and shot him at close range standing next to my decoys. He never even realized what was happening. This was my last hunt of the year so I am looking forward to next season with this suit!


Shane Dorian


Pro Surfer and Bowhunter

In my home state of Hawaii I hunted for sheep and strangely the sheep seemed to not feel very threatened by me even at close range. Multiple times I had them at 10 yds look at me and go back to feeding. I even moved on purpose and got away with quite a bit. These sheep are usually surprisingly skittish in this particular area. The suit was also light enough to wear as a base layer even in Hawaii. the shirt was awesome by itself when the temps heated up. I went overnight and saw lots of animals and made a good shot on a decent ram. Thanks again HECS!


Brett Bueltel

Hamilton, Ohio


I’ve killed my two biggest whitetails with a bow since I began wearing a HECS suit. It is now one item you won’t find me in the stand without in the fall.


David Holder

Winterset, Iowa

Raised Hunting TV Show

We hunt for a living. When we find a product that helps us be successful, we think it’s only fair to share our opinion with everyone. Flat out HECS helps us get close shots.


Mike McCall

Livermore, California

Go Deep Outdoors Host

I wear HECS everytime I’m hunting. Every year I’m filling tags and accomplishing goals with my bow. Its been HECS-CESS for me!


Travis Parker

Manitoba, Canada

Got my suit just in time, thank you so much! Had a bear 2 feet from my blind and several others a little further. Shot this big boar at 10 yards, didn't have a clue I was there. Going back to Canada up in Manitoba the first week of September on a bear/whitetail combo archery hunt with the Open Season cast and crew to have my hunt filmed. Wish I had the camo suit but u guys were out of em. I very impressed, this suit is gonna revolutionize hunting!!! It's awesome!!!!!


Craig Whipkey

Kingston, WA

While hunting for elk in NE Washington I was calling for elk when a small twig snapped, thinking to myself, there’s something down in the ravine below me. So I continued calling, a few minutes later another twig snapped. Finally this boar bear appeared at 35 yards through the brush, looking for elk dinner or leg of Craig. Fortunately I prevailed, there is no doubt in my mind that the HECS garment product WORKS!


Ty Tonneberg

It is amazing how close it is possible to get spooked animals like African plains-game and the Norwegian roe-deer. I even use the HECS suit as an under layer late in the fall hunting moose with rifle. Since I am using a black Norwegian elk-hound it is necessary to get as close to the moose as possible undetected.


Jackie Caudle


I was hunting in a small patch of woods in Illinois. Two other smaller bucks had come in, fed all around me and never seemed to know I was there. Then this buck came in and was unaware of me also. I shot this buck at 20 yards, the HECS suit worked like a charm!

Thanks again HECS!


Richard Snell

I have seen some amazing things with wearing one. In my goose hunting pit the birds (sparrows, chickadees, wrens) almost feed and land within arms reach now. Before they always kept their distance. They act as if I am not even there. I shot a drake mallard a few days ago and was waiting for another group of birds to work in and I pelted a drake and a hen out of them when all of a sudden a BALD EAGLE swooped down within 30 yards and grabbed the first mallard I had shot right off the water in front of me. If that is not a HECS moment I don’t know what is. I did not have a camera with me and wish I did. “AMAZING”. I know the HECS suit allowed me to witness this. As for me, I will probably never go to the field again without having my HECS on my body. If I would have had this suit in Alaska I know that I would have had more success than I already got to experience. This year I will put it to the test in Alaska. I already know that the animals we are going after are in trouble. Ha Ha Ha.


Donald Whitaker

Florida Eastern

This trip I set up in a fence row with some old hay bales with decoys at about 10 yds or less. Called on a slate call and a mouth call a couple of times over a 10 minute time frame. Waiting a few minutes in between. Then I caught movement from my left. Bird was on my decoys without any gobble or noise. No strutting either. I picked up my T/C Pro Hunter muzzleloader and the bird saw movement. Jumped sideways, but did not run or seem spooked. Started back at Jake decoy and I pulled the trigger. When the smoke cloud cleared the bird was on the ground. Scored NWTF at 59.38. 10 3/4" beard with 1 1/8" spurs. Took me about 5 minutes to calm down enough to go out to my bird. Thanks to HECS for a great product.