(Carbon fiber conductive grid in fabric)

Blocks your electrical energy field so game won’t sense you!

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Animals sense EM signal

Living creatures emit a measurable electrical energy signal.

It is scientifically accepted that living creatures, through muscle movement and the beating of the heart, produce an electrical energy field. Human beings are no exception. The human body emits an electrical energy signal that animals can detect.

How the HECS Suit Works

EKGs measure the electrical activity of your heart. An electrocardiogram (EKG) is a common medical test that checks on your heart by measuring the electrical activity. With each beat, an electrical impulse is produced. This is what the EKG reads. Muscle movement also produces electrical impulses. The larger the muscle, the more significant the impulse.

Animals can also sense energy fields. Scientific studies have found that animals and insects are able to sense electromagnetic energy. It is now widely known that birds migrate based on Earth’s electromagnetic field. Foxes hunt using Earth’s electromagnetic field. Salmon, trout and turtles navigate using electromagnetic fields. It shouldn’t be a surprise that many creatures can sense the naturally occurring human energy field, which is very similar to the planet’s electromagnetic signal.

That deer that picked you out of the tree for no apparent reason likely sensed your presence through your own electrical energy emissions. We’ve all experienced a situation while hunting that defied explanation. A deer walking nearby suddenly figures out you are there in spite of the fact that you have not moved, the wind is perfect, and you never made a noise. Or a turkey picks you out even though you didn’t move a muscle. Or did you? Your heart is a big muscle and it's beating. And, if you're excited, your heart is likely beating faster.

The “sixth sense” is the ability to sense an electrical energy field. We’ve always liked to say that the deer or turkey that busted us for no apparent reason must have a sixth sense. We were correct, whether we know it or not. Many animals have the ability to sense extremely minor changes in their electrical environment.

How HECS Works On Turkeys

Birds can see electrical energy fields. And many birds migrate by sensing the Earth’s magnetic field. Turkey and waterfowl hunters commonly believe that those birds have exceptional eyesight when, in fact, they really don’t. They just have the ability to see our energy field. When the energy spike created by a moving muscle is emitted from our body it looks like a bright light to a bird. Take away that energy field and your movement looks like an inanimate branch moving in the wind.

Ground blinds do not block the ability of animals and birds to sense your energy field. Fabric blinds (or ordinary clothing) do not stop the energy field. This means that, while your pop-up blind may disguise physical movement, it doesn't stop animals or birds from sensing your electrical energy field. The only effective way to block that energy field is by utilizing a conductive grid in the proper configuration — just like HECS uses.

A simple meter can prove that you give off an electrical energy field. There's a device known as a Trifield Natural EM Meter, which measures (in microteslas) the amount of electromagnetic energy you give off. As you can imagine, everyone gives off different amounts, but, assuming your heart is beating, you are giving off a measurable amount. Large muscle movement accentuates or “spikes” these fields. Using the device, one can also readily see that ordinary fabric (of a blind or clothing) does virtually nothing to stop this energy. And nothing to stop creatures from sensing you.