(Carbon fiber conductive grid in fabric)

Blocks your electrical energy field so game won’t sense you!

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HECS blocks electrical signal

HECS blocks your natural electrical energy field so you get a better outdoor experience.

If your heart is beating and your muscles are moving, you are producing an electrical energy field that animals are capable of detecting. HECS is the revolutionary and only technology available that blocks your energy, preventing those creatures from sensing your presence.


HECS technology uses a carbon fiber conductive grid to block your electrical energy field. HECS is based on the “Faraday Cage” principle, invented in 1836 by English scientist, Michael Faraday. A Faraday Cage is an enclosure made of a conductive mesh material that blocks electrical fields by channeling the electricity throughout the mesh. It is used to protect electronic equipment from lightning strikes or in screen rooms, which allows for environments to be free of electromagnetic interference.

HECS uses a carbon fiber conductive mesh that is integrated into garments which, when you wear them, create a Faraday Cage that keeps your electrical energy field from getting out.

Size of mesh is crucial to effectively blocking human electrical energy signal. The effectiveness of the energy-blocking mesh hinges on the size of the grid relative to the wavelength of the electrical energy itself. The HECS grid, through exhaustive testing, was developed specifically to block the wavelength of the human energy signal. A common, everyday example of a grid that blocks waves can be found in the door of your microwave oven. The small mesh in the microwave door is properly sized to block microwaves for your safety, just like the somewhat larger grid in a HECS garment is designed to block human electrical energy waves.

The size of the HECS grid works to effectively block human electrical energy waves, just as the much smaller grid in the door of your microwave works to block microwaves.


The conductive carbon fiber grid that serves to block the electrical energy signal that you are constantly giving off is integrated into fabric that is then used to build HECS garments. The fiber itself is completely flexible, so you won’t even notice it is there. The fabric, and the garments it is used to make, are lightweight, breathable, durable and machine washable. Because the carbon fiber is woven into the fabric, it will not wash out or wear out.

Meter test proves that HECS blocks your electrical energy signal. By employing the Trifield Natural EM Meter, we can prove that the HECS fabric virtually eliminates your electrical energy signal.

HECS will make your hunting experience far more fun. HECS is not a magic invisibility cloak. It will not eliminate your scent, eradicate noise or stop animals from seeing substantial movement. HECS will prevent creatures from sensing your electrical energy signal. This will allow you to have some remarkable hunting experiences and even get away with some scent mistakes, noise and movement like never before. The concept of electrical energy shielding as it applies to humans and hunting is revolutionary. Given the incredible experiences that photographers and wildlife researchers and hunters like you have already had, we know wearing HECS will change the way you see animals in the wild. And the way they see you!