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Blocks your electrical energy field so game won’t sense you!

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Amazing Turkey Encounters - Full Show

HECS users are getting closer than ever before and recording their adventures.

We have exciting footage submitted by regular hunters who are enjoying amazing up close turkey encounters.

The Story Behind the Breakthrough - Full Show

A glimpse into the creation and future of HECS technology.

Patented technology that is rewriting the book on how animals detect danger.

Unbelieveble Close up Action - Full Show

The HECS crew will shock you with their amazing close up encounters with both geese and turkeys.

Waterfowl hunters were blown away when they saw the footage and we think you will be too.

Unbelieveble Past Hunts - Full Show

Mike Slinkard and the crew take look back at some of their best close up encounters with big game.

Inside The Danger Zone - Full Show

The HECS crew takes you inside the danger zone on wild turkeys all over the country.

They push beyond the accepted safe distances in both set ups and spot and stalk with archery gear.

HECS Users Getting Close - Full Show

Join us as we show exciting 100% user submitted Turkey hunting action.

Have a HECS moment? Send it to us for a chance to win a free hunt | Learn More

Spot and Stalk Western Style - Full Show

The Hecs crew heads west and puts their Hecs suits to the test with some wild spot and stalk hunting

Best of 2016 - Full Show

Join the HECS crew as they recap some of their favorite close up moments and encounters from the 2016 season.

Watch as the HECS technology is put to the test on Turkeys, bears, dear, and Africa game.

TX and KS Whitetails - Full Show

Is the HECS technology effective on a wary animal like whitetail?

Join the crew and watch HECS in action.

KS Muledeer

A can't miss episode

Join the crew as they head to Kansas to hunt some huge rutting muley.

Three Generation Mule Deer - Full Show

A grandpa, dad, and daughter all take home great mule deer bucks

Africa pt 2 - Full Show

Check out part 2 of the crews South Africa adventures

Mountain Bears - Full Show

Join the crew as they go predator vs predator to fill their bear tags

Grand Slam - Full Show

Testing the HECS technology from turkeys to a big bear

Getting Closer - Full Show

Follow the crew all across the country chasing Turkeys

Pushing the Limits - Full Show

Turkeys, turkeys, turkeys

Join the crew as the hunt mutiple states in hopes for a gobbler. Shotguns, bows, and a trophy Oseola. A can't miss for any turkey hunter

It's the Little Things - Full Show

Time once again to go hunting with HECS

From testing the technology in South Africa to back in the states chasing turkeys, watch what the HECS effect is all about

Goose and Africa pt 1 - Full Show

HECS technology works with waterfowl just as it does turkeys! Check out what Mike Slinkard gets a way with in Oregon

Then it is off to Africa to really push the limits of the technology